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Brief History:
Pita Grill was founded by entrepreneur Amer Taha and a group of investors as a healthy alternative to fast food while maintaining an authentic approach to delicious Mediterranean cuisine. For Amer, the emphasis is and always will be on quality. “If this food is prepared correctly, it’s extremely addictive. People love it,” he says. “But freshness is key. That’s why every salad is made from scratch daily, meats are grilled to order and we make sure every ingredient is at the peak of freshness. People can taste that difference.”

Our Standards:
Nutrition is one of the hottest “buzz words” these days. At Pita Grill, the driving philosophy is built around one word: FRESHNESS! When it comes to nutritional value of the food you eat, one of the most important components is incorporating a diet built around fresh produce and meats. When the founders of Pita Grill sat down to design their menu, the goal was to prepare their salads from scratch and to make them daily. They cook all meat to order—nothing is pre-processed or sitting under heat lamps. It is with these high standards that Pita Grill hopes to build a loyal following of “fans of freshness” and good food. Give it a try. You’ve Never Tasted Fresh Like This.

Orders and Take-out

ZooTemplate.ComWhether it's a delivery or catering, our skilled chefs are standing by to take your order. we have a variety of menus that fit every occasion. Please call to submit an inquiry.


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Our Quality

The word “fresh” isn’t thrown around lightly at Pita Grill. Each of the many salads are made from scratch every day. Meats and shrimp are always grilled to order. Sandwich meats are sliced only once you’ve ordered your sandwich. What’s it all mean? It means crisp vegetables and tender meats, all bursting with flavor in every bite. Until you’ve tried Pita Grill, You’ve Never Tasted Fresh Like This.

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